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As we all know, this is a very subjective thing about Car Air aroma. Everyone has his own preferences. But at the same time, people in each market around the world will have a similar preference, which forms the preference for fragrance in each market. For example, The North American market prefers fresh scents, such as PINE, LAVENDER, FRESH ICE, LEMON, OCEAN, and so on...In contrast, in South American markets or in other tropical markets, people prefer more fragrant types. CHERRY, VANILLA, COCONUT, STRAWBERRY are really popular in Saudi Arabia. 

Car Air Freshener

Of course, there are also a lot of people who like compound Car Air fragrances. There is a famous brand called Mapleland in China, owned by Jeeboss, who devotes to the research compound fragrance. There are 6 popular scents, Honey, Pink, Polite, Charming, Elegant, Peaceful. For example, Honey is base combining the   sweet and jasmine elegance, the unique scents of lily of the valley is also permeated throughout, which makes it most favored by women. The fragrance is given clear levels and nobility owed to the rick rosy and jasmine scents plus other auxiliary musk and glax scents.

Car Air Freshener

 If you want to know more about other Car Air Freshener, you can go to this website: 

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